Financial Giving

If you are able to coninue supporting financially please see options to do so below...


Option # 1 - Drop off

At the front door of the Parish House (the one under the veranda) there is a secure letter box that goes into the house. You could drop off your thanksgiving envelope there and if you wanted to still make an offering for the first collection that would be greatly appreciated, in a separate envelope.


For those using the envelope system as a way of making your contribution, we do not have as yet our new set of envelopes due to the suspension of our Stewardship Program. In the light of that, if you still wish to contribute in that way simply write your envelope number or name and address on an envelope and we will record your contribution accordingly. New envelopes will not be ordered until we resume the celebration of public masses.

Option # 2 – CDF Electronic Transfer

  1. Using the internet type in, copy & paste or click on this link
  2. Click on CDF Pay
  3. Scroll down to CDF pay for Parishes and click on Find my Parish
  4. Type in Laverton (it will come up as Laverton, Altona Meadows and Point Cook)
  5. Click on support my Parish
  6. Fill in details
  7. Click on Give one time to choose either a one-time contribution or set up a recurring offering.
  8. Click on other to decide the amount you would like to contribute
  9. Under Additional Questions click on Presbytery to choose where you want you offering to go, either Presbytery (1st collection) or Parish (2nd collection)
  10. Complete contact information
  11. Complete Payment information
  12. Finally click on give (green box with the amount you want to give in the centre of the box.
  13. Follow the last few steps.

Option # 3 - Direct debit

If you would like to set up a direct debit from your bank account please call on 9369 6877 and the office will arrange for a form to be sent to you

Thank you for your continuing spiritual and financial commitment to the parish. It is deeply appreciated.

Yours in Christ



Fr John