Prayer at Home

The Mass is the source and summit of Catholic life. It is the way we participate in Jesus' self-offering to the Father and the primary place wherein we receive His Body and Blood. Being unable to attend Mass is therefore a significant deprivation for people of faith. Such circumstances mean that each of us need to take more responsibility for maintaining our relationship with God. This page will provide you with regularly updated resources for praying at home on Sundays and other times throughout the week.

Simple Suggestions

  1. Set aside the same 30-60 minutes each Sunday when you would normally attend Mass as a time of personal/family prayer. For example, if you usually attend the 11am Mass with your family, continue to gather together at 11am each Sunday for prayer.

  2. Create a 'home altar' around which you and your family can gather for prayer. You could cover it with a cloth that corresponds to the liturgical season and place on it a crucifix and sacred image (of Jesus, Mary or the saints), as well as a lit candle.
  3. Think about the environment in which you will pray. Make sure there is no background noise or distractions.

  4. Prepare any resources you might need ahead of the time of prayer. Make sure everyone has a digital or printed copy of the prayers. Have ready a means of playing music (phone, bluetooth speaker etc.) if you want to make use of our musical suggestions.

Resources for Prayer at Home
Our parish has developed a series of resources you can use to pray at home in lieu of attending Sunday Mass. You could choose to use one or more of these options.

  1. The Rosary
  2. The Stations of the Cross
  3. The Angelus (traditionally prayed at 6am, 12 midday and 6pm to commemorate the Incarnation)
  4. Your Guide to Making a Good Confession 

Digital Resources

  1. Free Acces to Magnificat
    Magnificat is a wonderful resource containing readings at Mass, reflections and other prayers. During the Coronavirus outbreak they are offering free access at the link above.
  2. Word on Fire
    Bishop Robert Barron provides engaging and insightful homilies on the Sunday readings for podcast each week.

  3. Daily Mass - On our website. Please click here to view recorded masses celebrated by Fr. John Healy.

        You can also view mass online via the Melbourne Archdiocese website, or click on the following link 


     4. Teaching Guided Meditation - For more info click here.

         Free Zoom session 13th October 7.30pm - 8.00pm

         For registration info and to recieve a Zoom link please email Jenny Delahunt